monk-squareHopelessness can change the world

We are all incurables.
—Archbishop Oscar Romero
(when asked why he was attending to the sick at a hospital for incurables)

When you look around you, it is easy to feel hopeless.  Things always seem to be getting worse, not better.  Even those of us still working for a better tomorrow can have a bad day, week, or lifetime, when all seems lost.  But such a lapse of faith should not be feared.  On the contrary, you should welcome it as a revelation.  Our situation is hopeless.  Our cause is impossible.
You are faced with a stark choice:  Do you dedicate yourself to an impossible cause?  Or do you look after your own, making do as best you can?  The choice is clear:  You must dedicate yourself to an impossible cause.  Why?  Because we are all incurable.  Because solidarity is a form of tenderness.  Because the simple act of caring for the world is itself a victory.  Take a stand—not because it will lead to anything, but because it is the right thing to do.  We never know what can or can’t be done; only what must be done.  Let us do it.

+ I dedicate myself to an impossible cause. +