If you’ve ever wondered how to be sexy and anti-sexist at exactly the same time, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Of course, you might have to keep waiting.

Since I’m still writing it.

But here’s a couple pieces that have already been published:

The Happiest Day of Somebody Else’s Life (The Sun Magazine, October 2008)

Dad for a Day (The Sun Magazine, August 2008)

Dating: the New Math (Marie Claire, October 2007). Here’s an excerpt:

In the old days, paying on that first date was a simple, nonverbal way to say, “I am interested in you. I am solvent. Tonight you are worth $58.45 plus tax and tip.” Then the feminist revolution arrived, then the left-hand turn of postfeminism, followed by something about spelling “girl” with three R’s⎯and now nobody knows what rules anybody else is playing by. If you pay, will she think you are a romantic or a chauvinist? If you let her pay, are you a deadbeat or a man at ease with powerful women? If you split, are you only half interested in her, or the kind of guy who’ll do half the dishes and go down on her half the time?